Friday, March 2, 2018

World's greatest optimist

Above: My neighbor is replacing his Hurricane Irma damaged roof.

I used to walk a couple of miles each day. Lately, I've been a bad boy, so why not jump back on it. Walking around the neighborhood, you see lots of interesting things. Hurricane Irma was last September, but people are just now getting their roofs fixed. Most of them got a blue tarp from FEMA until roofers (who obviously have been in high demand) were available.

One set of neighbors (in the top photo) decided to replace their roof altogether and put on a metal one. These cost a lot more than a regular roof, but last longer in the Florida sun. He is a WW II veteran, 93 years-old and going with the metal roof. I like his style.

Above: An egret flies.

Above: Before Hurricane Irma, each of these electricity stanchions (or whatever they are called) had a nest for a pair of ospreys. After Irma, they were gone. I saw this and thought, "Good, they are coming back." A lady in a golf cart stopped and told me, however, she thought it was an eagle next.

Above: I live just off Lake Damon. Here's a shot across the lake.

Monday, January 22, 2018

The WSOP Circuit event I was playing in is over, and I finished 40th. I always have high hopes when I enter the final day with a good chip stack; it's fun and exciting with a chance to win some serious money. Sometimes fun isn't so much fun, lol.

My killer hand (that is, it killed me) happened when a player limped (unusual at this stage), so I limped as did another. That made four players counting the big blind. The flop was 10 and two low cards, and it checked around. The turn was the 3h putting two hearts on the board. I bet and everyone folded except one player who thought for a while, looked at how much money was in the pot and called. I put him on a flush draw, but he could have anything. The river gave me two pair, but also a possible straight. Because it was a limped pot, I was concerned about the straight or a higher two pair, so checked. The other player bet and I called him and he showed pocket 3s for a turned set. (Sorry I don't remember all the spot cards, I must have repressed the hand.)

I admit I wasn't thinking about a set given how the betting went.

That crippled my stack and I later went all i with As9s and ran into jacks which held.

Here are the final results:

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Onward and upward

I made it to Day 2 of Event 3 NL Rentry of the Tunica WSOP Circuit event. There were 1208 entries and 62 advanced. My stack size puts me in 18th place, but that all changes with one hand, of course. First place is $56K, hey why not.

See chip stacks and info here:

Friday, January 19, 2018

WSOP Circuit is in Tunica

Above: The Horseshoe Casino Tunica.

I try to make it back to the Memphis/Tunica area each year in late January for the WSOP Circuit. Normally two events would be my limit, but this year I might go for three, ha.

The first event was Thursday -- a ring event but one day. There were 332 runners with 36 being paid. About half-way through yesterday, I picked up 4s 2c UTG +1 and opened for my standard raise. This hand has been made famous by The Poker Grump ( who has proven time and again that it's the strongest opening hand in poker. It folded to an old man in the big blind who called. The flop was A-5-3, all clubs. The old man checked and I made a healthy bet and he min-raised me! The min-raise let me know he liked his hand, so I shoved.

The old man turned over As and Kc, about what I thought. He probably thought he had 9 outs, but notice that the 4c gives me the steel wheel. The turn and river were red cards and I had my double up.

After the hand, there was a lot of buzz at the table, but nobody said wow, you raised with a 4-2. Instead I heard "The four two came through for you, what a hand," and similar comments. Poker players, you gotta love them.

When we broke the money bubble, I had a couple of unlucky hands and busted out 32nd (see results at:

There is a reentry thing with multiple starting days and I'm going to play in it tomorrow with finals on Sunday. If I don't make the finals, there's a Seniors on Sunday for me to donk around in. Love my senior events, as readers know. Next Wednesday, there's a monster stack that I may stick around and play in, we'll see.